Quality at WCPI Means We:
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Continually improve products and processes
  • Provide exceptional training and process control

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Quality Policy


To Delight Our Customers By:

        • Exceeding customer expectations
        • Continually improving our products and processes
        • Exceptional training and process control

The quality system is managed through the use of Quality Link.  Quality Link a full-featured quality management solution designed specifically for implementing and managing quality systems. Quality Link simplifies the process of creating and maintaining quality documentation, internal and external audits, training, and many other functions related to the on-going maintenance of a quality system.

What we use

Quality Monitoring and Inspection Equipment

        • OGP Z600 video measuring system with 24"X18" stage, fully automated with image capture capability
        • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Mitutoyo Crysta Apex Series C700 Model C776 with measuring area of 28"X28"X24"; utilizing software MCAT C-3 CNC System with GEOWin, Part Manager and 3D Tolerance Win
        • BYK-Gardner hand-held spectrophotometer
        • MacBeth Light Booth - Spectralight III
        • Synergy 2000 SPC System for real time process part data collection and reaction on the floor
        • RJG e-Dart data acquisition and pressure transducers to monitor plastic pressure within the mold cavity, allowing for extremely tight process control
        • SPC controlled press interfaced Part Discrimination Chutes, Discriminating Conveyors, Discriminating Robots, plus robots equipped with Keyence Color. Sensors attached to Sumitomo injection molding machines
        • Precision calibrated gauge pins, blocks, calipers, micrometers and fixtures as needed